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Luba Winter–Skin Care Expert, Inventor of Rejuvenation G4®

Making women and men look better and feel better about themselves is the passion for entrepreneur and inventor, Luba Winter.  Winter, an expert in skin care and the founder of Nu Way Beauty, has traveled to various parts of the world to perfect her revolutionary product that brings the technology of high-end spa and dermatological treatments to the home market in a very affordable fashion.  With the assistance of top level European engineers and cosmetologists, Winter developed the “Rejuvenation G4®” as a home remedy for individuals to care for their skin and to slow the affects of the aging process on one’s appearance.  Using galvanic, ultrasound and phototherapy treatments in this innovative handheld device has enabled thousands of users to achieve youthful looking results they never imagined possible.

Luba Winter – Skin Care Expert, Entrepreneur and Inventor of Rejuvenation G4®

Winter has a strong educational background in dermatology as well as clinical psychology.  This interesting combination gives her a unique perspective on how one’s outward appearance affects how they feel about themselves and the world around them.  It is Winter’s desire to help people feel better about themselves and reclaim their self-esteem and live happier lives as a result of the effects of her rejuvenation process.  The FDA cleared and patent pending Rejuvenation G4® has received rave reviews from its users because of its visible results.  Dr. Diana Khodan, a dermatologist, stated, “We found that daily self treatment using the device reduced the number of acne lesions significantly.”  An esthetician using the product said, “Now you can have an in-office procedure in your own home.  I am so happy and impressed to have the ability to work with this devise.”  The product is currently sold in the United States as well as internationally.

The idea for creating the Rejuvenation G4® was birthed when in the course of conversation one of Winter’s friends said, “You’re only as old as you feel.  At least that’s what my mother always said.”   Winter questioned her, “You don’t agree?”  The friend replied, “Well, it would be a lot easier to believe in that sentiment if you didn’t discover a new wrinkle every time you looked into the mirror.”  She went on to relate the details of her skin care regime and complained about how painful and expensive it had become.  The friend continued, “You know, if they can put a man on the moon and make computers the size of a finger nail, you would think they could come up with a device to eliminate wrinkles.”

This conversation caused Winter to remember her relationship with her grandmother in her Ukrainian homeland in eastern Europe.  Winter spent many summers as a young girl with her grandmother.  They would take long walks together in the luscious green Ukrainian hillsides.  Winter describes her experience, “It was on one of those walks that my grandmother stroked my cheek and told me how soft and pretty my skin was.  I said to her, ‘You’re pretty too, Grannie’ as I touched her cheek.  She then said, ‘No child, see these wrinkles?  Maybe someone will invent a machine that will get rid of them and I too can have soft and beautiful skin like yours.’  I now wonder if her words were prophetic.”

Armed with an idea and the inspiration of her grandmother, Winter was on a fast track to create a product that would rejuvenate a person’s skin, but also be easy to use, safe, and portable.  The device she envisioned would replace the need for expensive and invasive surgery.  Winter relates, “While women want to look younger and more beautiful, many tend to balk at the idea of having a surgeon do it.  There are too many images of the irreversible damage done by surgery gone wrong.  Perhaps those images are the exception rather than the rule, but there had to be a better way.”  From that point Winter began writing down the names of people with whom she needed to talk in order for her idea to be brought to fruition.  Much to her surprise, she discovered it was rather easy to find and partner with top engineers in the field of skin treatment therapy.  She was privileged to work with leading dermatologists and even cosmetic surgeons from Sweden, Italy, and the United States.  After many years of planning, research and testing, Rejuvenation G4 was finally brought to the skin care market.

Winter shares, “The dream of my beautiful grandmother had become a reality.  The whimsical wish of my friend in the salon had come to pass.”  This new device destined to change in-home skin care was called “Rejuvenation G4®” because “rejuvenation” means “a return to youth.”  While Winter agrees that no device will ever be able to reverse the aging process, she did say, “It did seem to peel away years of aging from the skin, restoring some of its youthful glow without the fine-line wrinkles.”  The “G4” in the product name stands for “Generation 4” because the device was finally released to the public after the fourth model was developed and tested.  Winter states, “As soon as I saw the results of the Rejuvenation G4® on its first users, I knew that it would change many lives by helping people look younger and feel better.  Thousands of men and women have seen phenomenal results with this device and they are using it as part of a daily skin care routine.  But what is even more rewarding to me is knowing that so many have reclaimed their self-esteem and are able to lead bolder and happier lives because of it.”

According to Winter, achieving beautiful skin does not need to be extremely time consuming or hard work.  She states, “The Rejuvenation G4®, as a skin care strategy, has been described as transformational, not because it ‘peels away the years,’ but because it peels away the layers of conventional wisdom when it comes to skin care.  One myth that this new strategy debunks is that effective anti-aging has to involve extreme, tedious, even dangerous measures.  Some think that the more skin care products, creams, lotions and emulsifiers that line the shelves of our vanity, the better.”  Winter continues, “Working with top beauty and skin care specialists around the world has taught me that the answer is that more is not always better.  Effective and revolutionary skin care can be as simple as using the Rejuvenation G4® for only about ten minutes a day.”

Another myth Winter wants to debunk is the prevailing thought among some that men do not need skin care.  According to Winter, with the changing standards of aesthetics among males, many men are now seeking anti-aging treatment.  It is her hope that men will develop more confidence in cosmetic anti-aging products and strategies.  She stresses the convenience of her product by saying, “Men, in the privacy of their own home, can obtain professional results by following a brief skin care regime that involves treatment only two to three times a week.  If they travel, it is something they can take with them.  Feeling good about oneself is not an exclusive emotion limited strictly to women.  Men need the kind of confidence that comes from looking younger and feeling better too.  For some, it could open pathways of unexplored potential.  There is nothing un-masculine about feeling wonderful and loving the life you’re living.”

The Rejuvenation G4® was put under rigorous safety testing, including hundreds of clinical study participants performing more than five-hundred face treatments.  This testing was a significant contribution to achieving FDA clearance for the product.  Additionally, a panel of doctors specializing in dermatology and plastic surgery saw a noticeable reduction in wrinkles in ninety-eight percent of participants after only one month of daily treatments.  After twelve weeks of galvanic, ultrasonic and phototherapy skin treatments, ninety-four percent of participants agreed that the Rejuvenation G4® appears to eliminate fine lines, rather than just reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Dr. Max Grishkevich, an investigative dermatologist at the VIP MediSpa in Portland, Oregon, ran several comprehensive clinical studies on the Rejuvenation G4®.  He states, “Rejuvenation G4® was tested in two locations and had the following results:  All study participants were able to follow the instructions and incorporate the treatment into their daily routines.  Blind evaluations revealed improvement in more than ninety percent of the subjects and user satisfaction was high to very high.”

Winter has an extremely busy schedule as she continues to expand the market for her Rejuvenation G4® product.  She is also launching Nu Way Beauty’s Nataliya for Women and Nataliya for Men products.  In addition to her work as a skin care expert and product designer, she is the author of How to Look Beautiful Without Harming Yourself, to be released later this year.  Because of her success she has been invited to write chapters in the upcoming books Breaking the Success Code by Brian Tracy and Marketing Miracles by Dan Kennedy.  She is a sought after speaker and has been featured on radio, has been written about and quoted in publications, and has appeared on America’s Premier Experts television program.  Winter will soon be featured in USA Today as one of America’s “Game Changers” because of her leadership and expertise in her industry.  Winter anticipates her product reaching either QVC or the Home Shopping Network in the near future.  She is dedicated to continue developing organic beauty products, educating others, and helping business owners improve their businesses in her industry.  Additional information about Winter, Rejuvenation G4®, and her other products are available on the company website at


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