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Skin, like other organs, suffers progressive functional and aesthetic decline. Skin health reflects internal health and having skin reflecting older age is linked with increased mortality. In an increasingly ageing society, skin ageing is becoming more of a concern.


“Optimal skin ageing requires an adequate diet backed up with dietary supplements”

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Optimal skin ageing requires an adequate diet backed up with dietary supplements to help resist the constant physical and metabolic attacks from physiological intrinsic processes attributed to intrinsic ageing are those that occur in response to vital life processes and are difficult to prevent. These intrinsic influences can accelerate ageing, such as the presence of inflammation, hormone irregularities, and nutrient deficiencies. Extrinsic stressors contributing to ageing include influences such as the environment and climate; allergens; toxins; lifestyle influences including sleep deprivation, smoking, and nutritional choices; and physiological stress. As the body ages, extrinsic ageing processes increasingly challenge the body, and especially the skin, as it attempts to remain in a healthy state of homeostasis. The oxidative effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, especially UVA, has been independently linked to damage to DNA, lipids, and proteins; cytotoxicity; mutations; disturbances in vital cellular signaling; and degradation of the cutaneous extracellular matrix.

To maintain functional and physical integrity, the skin must be able to confront ageing by preserving its ability to heal and maintain physiological functions. Nutritional elements are necessary to counterbalance the age-related weakening of endogenous defences. Supporting endogenous defences and combating age accelerators can preserve tissue integrity, metabolic function, and prevent chronic disease and cancer. Maintaining the skin’s youthful functional and aesthetic properties means adjusting lifestyle, behavior, stress management, and arguably the most important element – nutrition. Diet and oral nutraceuticals may help slow overall ageing processes, including the skin’s. Topical supplementation can help further protect skin appearance and perhaps improve health via protecting its endocrine and immune function.

In our next post we going to talk about Physiology of Ageing.

Source: Prime Magazine.

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